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We start from the basis that SEO is essential for the positioning and optimization of a website, as well as to increase authority and relevance – key aspects to achieve success -. I have decided to create a post in which I will show you 20 SEO techniques that you should apply if you are not already doing it. They will help you improve the positioning of your website with great effectiveness. If you have an online project, pay attention and take note because this interests you. Do we start

# 1 – Segment your Audience

Performing a segmentation of your audience and hitting the target of your users is a very important aspect in any online marketing strategy. Of course, also in SEO positioning, it will allow you to offer more useful and relevant content for them. By segmenting your audience, it will also be easier for you to choose more appropriate keywords, directly related to user searches.

# 3 – Content Remains the Most Important

Quality content, original and optimized for SEO is the main ingredient in any positioning strategy, helping you get as much traffic as possible.It is important that you succeed with the writing of your content and that they are directly related to the theme of your website, as well as the interests of your target audience. The better the content of your website, the more chances you have of appearing in the top positions.

# 4 – Update and Republish Content from your Blog

One of the techniques that has been giving the best results in recent times is directly related to the contents of your blog. It is about updating an already published blog, adding a significant amount of useful content for users such as images, videos and any other element that may be relevant and republish it again.This way you will be able to take advantage of the traffic that already had said content, being much easier to increase the organic traffic of said post and obtaining new quality followers.

# 5 – Link building to get Inbound Links to your Website

Google values ​​very positively those links that are directed towards your website, as they are taken in some way as a vote of confidence by users. Hence the importance of carrying out an effective link building strategy (link building), which allows you to obtain external links that increase the authority of your page.

Of course, it is important that you try to be quality links that come from websites with some relevance, such as newspapers, blogs of interest or pages related to the theme of your website.

# 6 – The magic of the Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets come into play, which refers to those icons that we see in the meta descriptions or in the title of a page and that are able to capture the attention of users with great effectiveness.Rich Snippets will bring greater value to the search and offer a much more visually attractive image to users, increasing the chances of a user accessing the web and greatly improving your CTR.They are an enriched format that is applied through HTML tags, although in recent times different plugins have appeared that allow their inclusion in a much simpler way.

# 7 – Make Video Transcriptions

Although Google improves a little more every day, the truth is that it is not yet able to read the content that is broadcast in a video. This has meant that many people, in order to take advantage of the content of their videos for web positioning, have decided to transcribe that content with optimized text, achieving spectacular results.If you have videos on your website, do not hesitate to transcribe and position it to the fullest. The results will not take long to arrive.

 # 8 – Finish with Broken Links

There is nothing worse in the eyes of Google for positioning a website than having broken links. There are many websites that have a large number of links that no longer exist or have been modified and therefore Google will not be able to index them, seriously damaging the positioning of your website.One of the best ways to find such broken links is with the “Screaming frog” tool. It is a payment tool, but if your project is not very large, it allows you to analyze up to 500 URLs for free.

# 9 – Insert Outbound Links to Authority Sites

Just as Google positively values external links that point to your website, the same applies to those outgoing links from your website to other authority pages that may be relevant to users.Do not hesitate to include links that are directed to useful and relevant pages, and that allow you to complete the curiosity of the users.

# 10 – Internal Linking

We have already talked about the incoming and outgoing links, but we still have the internal links, very effective to give authority to the different categories of your website. Take advantage of the content of your web page to link from one page to another. In this way, not only will you give strength through the links, but you will increase the chances of a user spending more time on your website, something that Google likes, and much.

# 11 – The Importance of Product Listings

If you have an e-commerce you must pay special importance to the product sheets, that great forgotten that can be key to increase the visibility of your products. Keep in mind that a user who buys on the Internet expects to obtain information on those products that he is willing to buy, so it is important that you complete the product sheets with relevant content and provide useful information to users, which may be key to when deciding whether or not to buy.

# 12 – Get the most out of the Long Tail

Try to make the most of the potential of the Long Tail, as it is one of the best techniques for positioning any type of content. Try to find possible combinations of keywords that are directly related and do not hesitate to apply them to your content. Of course, always taking into account common sense and without exceeding the keyword density.

 # 13 – Responsive Web Design

At a time when more and more users access the Internet through their phones or tablets, it is essential to adapt our website so that it can be displayed perfectly from any mobile device.This is achieved with responsive web design, something indispensable for any web page. It has become one of the most applied SEO techniques. It is responsible for resizing the content of a website so that it can be seen perfectly regardless of the device used, also increasing the loading speed, something very positive for the user experience.

# 14 – The Importance of the Landing Page

Do not make the mistake of neglecting your landing page, do not forget that it is the landing page that users will reach once they access your website. What they see on your landing page will depend greatly on whether they stay or instead run to a direct competitor.It is important not only to offer useful content, but also to be well structured, to have an attractive design capable of conquering users and to load quickly.One aspect that works very well on landing pages is the testimonials of clients, familiar faces, relevant people, etc. They help build trust among users with great effectiveness.

# 15 – Become an Analytics Crack

Google Analytics will be one of your best allies when it comes to positioning your web project. It is important that you study it thoroughly to try to get the most out of it. Becoming a true Analytics crack will allow you to analyze all kinds of aspects related to your website, coming to understand the behavior that users have within your website and make a series of modifications that allow you to increase the time spent.

# 16 – Increase your Presence in Social Networks

Many people tend to neglect them, but the truth is that social networks can give a strong boost to the positioning of your website. It is important to have open profiles on the most important social networks and periodically update them with new interesting content that will capture the attention of users.

# 17 – Attention to SEO Branding

SEO Bragging is another of the web positioning techniques that I like the most. It offers very beneficial results and allows us to improve our brand image towards users. It is essential to create a professional website with which you want to obtain results in a short time, allowing you to analyze at any time how the growth of your website has been.

# 18 – Position in Different Languages

The good thing about the Internet is that it allows a person from anywhere in the world to reach your website without knowing it. For this it is important to position it in different languages, but it does not work simply to translate it.You must conduct a foreign market study related to the theme of your website and use the appropriate keywords that allow you to position in the desired language.

# 19 – Local SEO

Local SEO is a web positioning technique that focuses on offering relevant search results to users based on their location. Therefore, it is important that you pay special attention, because it can bring you a significant amount of traffic.To do this, you must sign up for Google My Business, enter your full address, include your Google Maps location, sign up for local directories and all kinds of techniques that can help make your online business position clear.

# 20 – The Robots.txt File

And finally, we have left one of the most indispensable SEO techniques that we should all consider when managing our website. For those who do not know, the Robots.txt is a text file that is uploaded to the server and, in some way, acts as a roadmap for search engines. It tells them, for example, what URLs they should not crawl or what aspects they should not take into account.It is important that you constantly update your robots.txt file from time to time to ensure that Google is not accessing any content that may penalize you.

Author: Md Ismail Hossain

I am not an SEO expert because SEO is my passion. I have been working on various SEO projects from 2011 until now.

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