I Am Ismail Hossain

I am not an SEO expert because SEO is my passion. I have been working on various SEO projects from 2011 until now.

As an SEO passionate, I must say expertise is not enough today to gain a targeted result. At present, SEO is a very crucial technique to get visitors from worldwide for your successful business. For this reason, An SEO guy has to know details knowledge about website structure, search engine algorithm and updated technique about SEO.

Now a days Google is very busy with his updated algorithm. In 2019 Google has updated his algorithm 17 times. For these reasons, An SEO expert must be alert and keep up with the modern trends of marketing. Otherwise, Google can ban your valuable website.

Being an SEO specialist, I have my own strategies, techniques, and tactics for a particular SEO project. I always make my strategies according to Search engine demands.

To increase visitors and ranking selected keyword, I research the competitor, related website and their tactics and after that, I make my plan smoothly. With the best SEO researching paid tools such as (Ahrefs and SEM rush ) I have always been close to accurate.

Not only SEO project but also other SEO related works, I have special techniques which make me successful and also give me reputation on this field.

SEO is different from ten years ago so I have divided many plans according to clients’ needs. In my service page, I have arranged the SEO package on different demands.

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